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Meadowview Alpaca Farm is growing, we are looking for partners. Garanteed return in your first year! Call for more info or check out the newsletter. Two shares are already gone.



Coop ... Meadowview Alpaca Farm Is Looking For Partners

Meadowview Alpaca Farm is growing! Yes, every year we are faced with the same problem … not enough fibre. We buy fibre every year but it is difficult finding quality fibre. What we need is a guaranteed source of fibre. The best way to do this is to grow our own. We now have 115 alpacas and it is i...



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  • Meadowview Alpaca Farm CO-OP. Yes we are expanding. We will take care of all the retailing for you. All you have to do is grow the animals. Reserve your seat for the March 16th 1:00 pm meeting.    You invest $10,000.00 and at the end of the year we give you $4800.00 back, this year and every year. It just goes up from there.     Call 705 785 3389


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Meadowview Alpaca Farm offers a full line of quality CLAA and ARI registered alpacas. We also have a complete line of alpaca fibre products. Come and choose from the largest selection of Canadian alpaca products in northern Ontario and possibly all of Ontario.


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