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Alpaca Advantage

The advantages of buying alpaca products are endless. The quality of natural alpaca fibre and wool used in the product ensures longevity even if worn frequently. In addition to extreme warmth as well as superior softness, you will find that our alpaca products are easy to care and will give you years of enjoyment.

Our shearing process is an undeniable factor in the quality of our finished products. We practice a very particular series of steps in the harvest of the alpaca’s fibre which is batched into six different grades based on the animal’s micron count (fineness). Meticulous time is spent during the batching process to ensure that the organic fibre is properly utilized in the production of specific products like hats, scarves and mitts. For example, the most luxurious cashmere-like fibre is used specifically for the production of scarves. The warm comfort of natural alpaca fibre on your skin is the perfect accessory during a long Northern winter.

Our socks have a true Canadian story. An eighty-three-year-old man named Leon visited Meadowview Alpaca Farm’s booth at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with a need for a warm pair of socks that could withstand his passion for long walks.

At the time, the gentleman walked five miles a day and complained of cold feet. With a pair of Meadowview Alpaca Socks, Leon would no longer have this problem.

He bought two pairs, one for daily use, and one as a back-up. While meeting Leon the following year, he praised the product and informed us that he had not yet been required to open the packaging on his “back-up” pair of socks and that he still avidly enjoyed his five-mile walks, but now while wearing a pair of warm, soft alpaca socks.

After the passing of another year, Leon visited the booth at the fair again and told us that he was still wearing the same pair of socks and still taking his daily five-mile walks. After three years of walking in the alpaca socks, Leon appeared at the booth once more, this time declaring he had finally put a hole in them and it was time for a new pair. He again praised the durability and warmth of the product, informing others that there was no sock comparable.

The reason alpaca socks have been reported to be “warmer” than any other is due to the nature of the alpaca fibre. It has a high insulation factor. The cold temperature is stopped from penetrating through the fibre and acts as a barrier. A person’s natural body heat is reflected inward from the barrier of the alpaca fibre. Such garments feel like cashmere, but also have the practical feature of keeping your extremities warm. Meadowview Alpaca Farm recommends that socks be purchased alongside our mitts and tuques for a warm, cozy, Canadian winter.

A client’s son experienced the value of Meadowview Alpaca Farm’s socks firsthand while winter camping and completing his outdoor program. On the first day, most of his peers had wet feet and were cold. The client’s son, however, had worn his warm “Terry” alpaca socks and was toasty warm all weekend.

Even Camilla, Prince Charles’ wife, was impressed with the quality of Meadowview Alpaca socks while visiting their booth at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair! Shop for your very own here!

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