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A Special Moment

An alpaca gift - yes, alpacas give all the time. They give when they perceive a child or an adult is in need of a special moment. I have many stories of alpacas giving. I believe all animals can give, we just have to open to it. Sometimes we are just too busy to be receptive - too many video games, smart phones, smart TV’s distracting us so that, sometimes, we just don’t listen.

A little boy, extremely challenged, diagnosed with all the acronyms: ADD, ADHA, anxiety issues, abused in so many ways; life had not been kind to him. He had come to the farm for a visit. We gave the kids their usual “be careful, be gentle, walk slowly, don’t approach an alpaca from behind he might think you are a wolf or coyote”. I was watching everyone to make sure there were no accidents. I saw out of the corner of my eye, far away in the field, this little boy with a mother alpaca and her baby. The cria (baby) was drinking from mom and the little boy was quietly petting the baby as he was drinking. Mom let the little boy pet her baby knowing that he needed this moment. They stayed there for a very long time. Quiet, peaceful. This is what I wish for you. May you find a moment of peace, tranquility and happiness. Life is too short - enjoy these special moments.

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