Bum Warmers

Alpaca fibre comes in 6 grades, 6 being the most course.
We would never want to put this fibre in our socks, yarns, hats, mitts, scarves, or any of the beautiful ponchos we make, so we put it inside a denim pad to create a very warm bum pad.
These handemade Alpaca bum warmers allow us to use even the coursest fibre.
Bum warmers are great for the leather seats in your car or in the stadium at the hockey arena. 
We work with a local embroidery and screen printing company that adds custom designs to our bum warmers.

In the past we have embroidered: 
Number 1 Hockey Fan
Bum Warmer
Go Hounds Go

These bum warmers can be custom made, just let us know what you want yours to say.
Of course, we have limits and cannot print copy writed images and will not embrouder any profanity. 

Custom orders accepted, please call to place an order. 



Price: 32.00 CAD
plus 13 % TAX plus shipping
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